Quality Pet Care with a Personal Touch - Meredith, NH
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Quality Pet Care with a Personal Touch - Meredith, NH

Grooming & Dental Care at Interlakes Animal Hospital in Meredith, New Hampshire

At Interlakes Animal Hospital, our professionals meet all of your pet's needs from cat and dog grooming to dental care for pets.


Our veterinary office provides dog and cat grooming services that include bathing and drying. We can also do brush outs to reduce shedding, coat trimming and clipping for a clean look, and ear cleaning and plucking for healthy hearing.

In addition, our staff provides de-matting for dogs or cats with matted hair and nail clipping services. Please know that, it is highly recommended you keep animal nails short for the health of your pet.
Christine Baker with Blossum, Dog Grooming in Meredith, NH
Christine Baker with Bruce Springersteen, Dental Care for Pets in Meredith, NH
Our groomer, Christine, has been a certified pet groomer since 1982, providing services almost exclusively through veterinary hospitals in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. She is a member of the New England Pet Grooming Professionals (NEPGP). She prides herself in offering a safe, comfortable, "stress-free" grooming experience for all of her clients' pets. Her technique is tailored to the needs of each individual pet with a goal of providing a relaxed and positive experience for every animal.


Pet haircuts are based on breed standards as well as your preferences. We work with any and all breeds. For cats, we offer the ever-popular lion cut, which makes your cat look like a lion.

Dental Care

To complete our grooming options, our center offers dentistry for dogs and cats. Our doctors can do anything from cleaning to extractions. We also offer dental products from toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental chews to help remove and control tartar.

Did you know that if your pet eats wet food the oral cleanliness can be worse than pets that eat dry food? Schedule an exam today to check your pet's oral health. Our doctor will make recommendations based on the condition of the teeth during your initial exam.
Schedule an appointment with us in Meredith, New Hampshire,
and let our cat and dog grooming as well as our dental care options keep your pet happy and healthy.